I have more, but here are a bunch:

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I change my layout kind of frequently, but my username's staying the same (at least for a long-ass time, if not forever.)


i am

Solitaire Kariuki Strider Gravity

  • Additionally, I'd love if you called me Soul / Anima, Riven, or Nibiru. Those are all top-tier for me.

  • Otherwise, these work as secondaries: Sunny, Hadron, Daystar, Vista, Astro or Altair

  • ... I don't mind being called Hwoon or Erin but i dont Prefer it.

Born on June 15, 2000. 24 as of typing. Sun sign's Gemini, moon sign is Sagittarius, if you care about that...Stuff.

My energies go two ways. Psychedelic trippy bright stuff or really like edgy sharp dark stuff. Sort of a duality thing going on, I guess. This might be relevant.


  • I am of Pan-African descent! I choose to align with saying that versus just saying I'm "African-American" for...reasons.

  • No gender. Ask again later

  • Pansexual. Not sure what else to say there.

  • Neurodivergent! I'm very open about what I go through: Autism Spectrum Disorder (low-maintenance), Other Specified Dissociative Disorder-1B, Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (this shit feels like the final boss) & Religious Trauma Syndrome. Ask me about my experiences with any of them, I'm pretty public about shit.

    Noting I'm also diagnosed with Bipolar 1, but it seems way too likely for my own comfort that i'm seemingly just, flat out Schizoaffective. Looking into that when I can.

I want to state this, cause it's important. Regarding the Complex PTSD & OSDD things, I'm a recovering child abuse victim.As of typing this, it's not even been a year since I got out of that house.I'm still figuring a lot out. I think mishaps might occur socially out of my own distorted sense of reality, given everything I face. If we are friends, I ask you please be patient with me through it all. I don't think it'll be this bad forever, but. Until then.

Also important:

I think it's important to talk about this aspect of my life. I was born into a high-control group/cult (the only black-supremacist one I at least know if,) called the Nation of Islam.My upbringing wasn't completely isolated from the outside world but was significantly enough to where I turned out just... different, in a lot of ways (this being stacked with my having autism really puts me in a Position.) Please understand my awareness of worldly cultures not being super pronounced when I was a kid affected how I see everyone (and myself) greatly.I'm generally also behind the times culturally (very much so, lol), and I'm in a constant state of learning regarding understanding a lot of basic, fundamental shit about socializing, can imagine they don't really prioritize focusing on that kind of thing, especially for people with brain shit like me. I have to ask you just be patient with me if I screw up in a conversation or whatever the fuck else, I'm really, honestly Behind with knowing how to talk to others, even if it doesn't seem like it.

That's a lot about me, but it's not everything. You're free to talk to me about the other shit I'm, less (I guess) willing to throw on a Carrd page if you message or @ me wherever you can I guess. I don't bite.

Regarding the hobbies.

I'm a graphic designer
& abstract 3DCG visual artist!


I'm an indie electronic music producer! (Covers are clickable.)

I have been doing this shit for 12 years, as of typing.

Started out, twelve years old on the computer both wanting to make EDM shit inspired by deadmau5, and wanting to do like...YouTube channel graphics and covers for dubstep producers. Got cracking with both the GFX shit and the music shit. Sucked ass at it! But then I just persisted and now, uh. Yeah.I upload mostly to my SoundCloud page these days, but my Bandcamp page is relevant also. Art-wise uh. Well I put my portfolio up there, now didn't I!