I have more, but here are a bunch:

Click on the GIANT image below to get to my portfolio, where I have MORE socials (And my soundcloud appears Again. How funny is That)

Regarding that, discord handle is "scph70000". I don't really use any other platform to talk to anyone. I do change my layout a lot on there though, so like. Make note of that now, if you're reading this and haven't talked to me yet.Twitter DMs are also a thing (my main handle there is "as2roblur") but you're way more likely to get responded to quicker if you talk to me on Discord.I also feel like I should put an image here so this page looks less barren so. Here is this.


i am

Solitaire Kariuki Strider Gravity

  • Additionally, I'd love if you called me Soul / Anima, Riven, or Nibiru. Those are all top-tier for me.

  • Otherwise, these work as secondaries: Sunny, Hadron, Daystar, Vista, Astro or Altair

  • ... I don't mind being called Hwoon or Erin but I don't Prefer it.

Born on June 15, 2000. 24 as of typing. Sun sign's Gemini, moon sign is Sagittarius, if you care about that...Stuff.

I'm also married. That's pretty fucking important.

My, I guess "aura" goes three ways, regarding aesthetics I identify with. Psychedelic trippy bright stuff, edgy sharp dark stuff, or really like...ethereal and otherworldly energies (broadly). Relevant image below.

Moodboard time!

(Click through for higher-res)

This is a pretty good summation of everything. There is other shit I like (you could imagine) I don't cover on here, but these 3 sort of defined auras I like associating with my image are definitely the most important to me.I should also note that regarding my very obviously indicating I am into the Y2K aesthetic, it's...mostly whatever harkens back to the later 2000s vs. the earlier ones.

Here's additional shit I like aesthetically that I talk about less but still take interest in, some way more than others:

  • 5th (think PS1.) & 6th-gen (think PS2, XBOX, GameCube) video games. (Cartoony or stylized shit, PLEASe.)

  • Raver shit.

  • 60s & 70-era Sci-Fi Artwork

  • Retro space-nerd stuff I think generally speaking.

  • (unnamed combination of modern-day anime artwork & abstract expressionism and/or psychedelic sensibilities.)

  • [adult swim] & oldschool Toonami.

  • Weirdcore (Pretty complex reasoning with this one)

  • '80s thru '00s era anime aesthetics, broadly speaking.

  • '00s era American & Canadian cartoons with the thick outlines and shit, ohhh my God.

  • J-RPGs when the setting's more modern or incorporates Sci-Fi elements. (5th & 6th gen, mostly.)

  • Hard to describe this clearly probably, but when cartoon-y shit is like applied to the context of like '00s era hip-hop shit I go CRAZY.

  • Actually, urban like big-city vibes generally but within less...realistic contexts? (Cartoon Network's CN City bumpers come to mind.)

  • Anything that reminds me of Sonic the Hedgehog (from 1992 to 2006)

Kind of related: I, am also going to put this here for fun.


  • I am of Pan-African descent! I choose to align with saying that versus just saying I'm "African-American" for...reasons.

  • No gender. Ask again later
    (they/them, or neopronouns are okay. Generally, nothing male or female.)

  • Androsexual, meaning I'm very mostly into either guys or masculine (or androgynous-leaning masculine) people. For me, it's no matter their gender identity, I just happen to have bias towards guys.

    Sometimes (not super often, but definitely notably), there are exceptions, where I'm into someone more femme, but it's a very strange dice-roll going on in my head, there. O_o

  • Robot-kin. I want to be one within enough time, much as I'm...definitely not one, now. There's a lot to this that would take too long to put here.

  • Neurodivergent! I'm very open about what I go through: Autism Spectrum Disorder (it feels kind of moderate-leaning-severe, much as I guess I come off like I'm lower maintenance), Other Specified Dissociative Disorder-1B, Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (this shit feels like the final boss) & Religious Trauma Syndrome. Ask me about my experiences with any of them, I'm pretty public about shit.

    Noting I'm also diagnosed with Bipolar 1, but it seems way too likely for my own comfort that i'm seemingly just, flat out Schizoaffective. Looking into that when I can.

I want to state this, cause it's important. Regarding the Complex PTSD & OSDD things, I'm a recovering child abuse victim.As of typing this, it's not even been a year since I got out of that house.I'm still figuring a lot out. I think mishaps might occur socially out of my own distorted sense of reality, given everything I face. If we are friends, I ask you please be patient with me through it all. I don't think it'll be this bad forever, but. Until then.

Also important:

I think it's important to talk about this aspect of my life. I was born into a high-control group/cult (the only black-supremacist one I at least know of,) called the Nation of Islam.My upbringing wasn't completely isolated from the outside world but was significantly enough to where I turned out just... different, in a lot of ways (this being stacked with my having autism really puts me in a Position.) Please understand my awareness of worldly cultures not being super pronounced when I was a kid affected how I see everyone (and myself) greatly.I'm generally also behind the times culturally (very much so, lol), and I'm in a constant state of learning regarding understanding a lot of basic, fundamental shit about socializing, can imagine they don't really prioritize focusing on that kind of thing, especially for people with brain shit like me. I have to ask you just be patient with me if I screw up in a conversation or whatever the fuck else, I'm really, honestly Behind with knowing how to talk to others, even if it doesn't seem like it.

That's a lot about me, but it's not everything. You're free to talk to me about the other shit I'm, less (I guess) willing to throw on a Carrd page if you message or @ me wherever you can I guess. I don't bite.

Regarding the hobbies.

I'm a graphic designer
& additionally a 3DCG abstract expressionist!


I'm an indie electronic music producer! (Covers are clickable.)

I have been doing this shit for 12 years, as of typing.

Started out, twelve years old on the computer both wanting to make EDM shit inspired by deadmau5, and wanting to do like...YouTube channel graphics and covers for dubstep producers. Got cracking with both the GFX shit and the music shit. Sucked ass at it! But then I just persisted and now, uh. Yeah.I upload mostly to my SoundCloud page these days, but my Bandcamp page is relevant also. Art-wise uh. Well I put my portfolio up there, now didn't I!

3-way path, here.

A bunch of games I like!

You might be able to get an idea of the kind of games I enjoy (typically) based on the list alone, if you're familiar with enough of the games.Generally, it's either indies or older games (4th thru 6th generations) that I cater towards. I'm willing to give a lot of things a chance, I think.I'll make a Backloggd account eventually, but in the meantime my Steam page is relevant, I think.

I've heard over 2,000 albums.
here's, 64 i identify with.

(Click through for higher-res)

Over the course of a long-ass time I've spent listening to music, I've definitely found out I'm into quite a lot of shit. Mostly, just a lot of electronic shit (either dance-y or...whatever the fuck, honestly), guitar shit (mostly metal, but also rock stuff), or hip-hop shit (genuinely, all kinds of stuff in this department.)Recommending me genuinely whatever, is encouraged. Doesn't have to align with anything on the chart, I can likely find something to appreciate from it regardless of even if I fuck with it or not. Like, seriously. I'm open minded.

Stuff I like to watch!

It's...mostly cartoons...

(Click through for higher-res)

This part's kind of pretty lengthy at least in the text portion much as I only have one chart to show.Genre-wise, it's pretty concise, I feel.

  • Anything action-oriented is my bread & butter.

  • Comedies (absurdist, or surrealist generally)

  • Horror-shit. (Psychological, mostly. I'm kind of squeamish and violence doesn't really scare me generally like that at all, I just think it's fucking disgusting!)

As I directly state in the very small text above the page title, I'm ...mostly into cartoons. American & Canadian TV productions & indies, or Japanese TV productions, predominantly. I do like live action shit additionally but I definitely do not incline toward that like I do with cartoon stuff.Film-wise...I've seen a more diverse category of flicks than TV shows, but I'm not really as into that as I am into TV stuff. Regarding genre though-it's I feel a lot easier for me to get ahold of and digest many different types of film than it is for TV shows?... Sort of.Regarding recommending me stuff to watch, I'm open-minded to genuinely anything regarding movies to look at, but regarding TV shows, I think it's best to take into consideration my biases when trying to put me onto shit, but you're still free to talk to me about whatever you want me to get into. Really, just go for anything, I guess.I will definitely say please push more anime shit my way generally, because as much as that type of stuff has genuinely been in my life for all of it, I somehow haven't really completed a lot of series yet, proper. (Same kind of goes for most western animation I like too, though...)

There's actually more, regarding stuff I watch, too!

YouTube shit I like to watch!

There'll be a chart here eventually.

This part is somehow less lengthy, I feel, than the last page before this, but the different types of YT stuff I watch feels way more diverse.

  • Long-plays or Silent let's plays of obscurer 5th-gen or 6th-gen video games

  • Recommendation-y longform videos regarding TV, film & whatever else to watch. Anime & horror film related videos of this nature are especially appreciated.

  • Documentaries about video game-related history...stuff.

  • Indie animation (any genre, idgaf)

  • "Analog" and "Digital Horror" (I'm very picky about both.)

  • Music production-related videos

  • Consumer electronics-related videos (so, tech shit. Product overviews of old stuff, new stuff, tutorials and tips and shit, whatever. Anything goes, pretty much.)

  • Specifically, male V-Tubers doing literally anything. Because I'm normal.

  • Even more specifically: If you can find literally any YouTube channel that matches the aura/vibe of Super Best Friends Play regarding how they joke (don't worry too hard about this aspect), and what they play and commentate over (this is actually extremely important), I will owe you my life. I am so fucking serious.

As I state...pretty DIRECTLY with the other media-related pages anything goes regarding what to recommend me watch. Not sure what else to say in this regard, it's as simple as that.